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Crochet Tutorial: Cheshire Cat Hoodie

YARNutopia by Nadia Fuad

As winter approaches, the need to bundle up becomes more prevalent. From top to bottom, we pile on layers to keep ourselves from the bitter cold. Although I made this particular hood for my costume this Halloween, once made, I realized how warm this actually is (since I wore it all night long).

Cheshire Cat
Many of my blog followers on Facebook and Instagram inquired about me making a video tutorial for this project. It occurred to me that this would be perfect for the season as winter apparel. It offers a very stylish option, and it is very different than your average winter hat or scarf.

Cheshire Cat
This is a cat hoodie of course, however, it is also very versatile. You do not have to put on the ears, or you can replace the ears with bear ears or fox ears. Custom make this to any animal of your choice! The creativity…

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Ebola, A Nurse’s Perspective


So a few months ago the country was enthralled with the idea of a few patients, infected with the Ebola virus, coming to the United States. Up until this point, we had been safe from Ebola due to the fact that bats can’t fly over the Atlantic. Some people were completely indifferent, while others had seen Outbreak one too many times. Most were a healthy mix, somewhere in between, but what bothered me the most was both the lack of education and the poor information that was spreading more virulently than the virus could ever hope to.

First, I want to stress that I am a nurse, not a virologist, and hopefully throughout my post you will see that I am not pretending to be one. I have a Bachelor’s in Nursing and am currently a graduate student. I have worked extensively with Infectious Disease Specialists. I have been exposed…

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